Which is Challenging, a Working Mom or a Stay-at-Home Mom?

A working mom and a Stay-at-Home mom are both moms in the real sense of the word. The only difference is how each one is dealing with the hassles of everyday living.
The typical mornings of a working mom with a kid or two (or more) are always hectic. Sometimes mornings are confrontational especially when you are getting everyone up as early as five or six. The usual reaction especially of the young children is not good. You don’t want a puckered brow very early in the morning, do you? Better meet a frowning little child with a sweet smile and you’ll end up winning each other’s charm.

Another challenge is feeding your family with food you know they will like. Mere preparation already takes time. You don’t want to be late for work, so you have to have that fine precision to give the perfect meal every morning.

After getting all things done for your family, it’s time to prepare yourself for work. Dressing up and eating the right food before going to work is usually at the bottom of your priority list. This is not healthy. You have to give yourself a break and be at your finest every day. You are not only obligated to give the best for your family, but your work needs that perfection too.

Stay-at-Home Mom:

Every morning is not as fast pace as the working moms. Although you are also duty-bound to prepare the best for your family very early in the morning, at least you have all the time to prepare the everyday challenges of getting things done because time is not racing with you.

Working moms and stay at home moms have one thing in common: both are considered hero in their field of expertise.

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