Fabulous Selection of Christmas Wine Hampers & Wine Gifts

Do you have friends, family members and newly acquainted pals that love wine? You can never resist giving them the enticing array of fine wines beautifully wrapped in Christmas Hampers. This Christmas season surprise them with superbly-made-to-perfection Christmas wine hampers and wine gifts right at their doorstep.

French Wine Selection Case:

With a touch of class, carefully selected French wines are beautifully presented in wine gift hampers. Inside are Cotes Du Rhone and La Campagne.

Cotes Du Rhone wine is made up of Grenache and Syrah grapes. It has a distinctive aroma, which makes it perfect for all red meats and cheeses or you may drink it on its own or in the company of friends.

La Campagne is an aromatic, dry and clean wine. It is great with white meat and fish dishes or you can drink it on its own.

Australian Wine Selection Case:

Another perfect gift for wine lovers is the finest selection of Australian wines. This fabulous wine selection comprised the Berri Estates Columbard, Houghton Shiraz and Banrock Station Chardonay.

Berri Estates Columbard is a memorable Australian chardonnay because it has a fresh citrus, melon, and peach flavor with a soft creamy palate combination.

Houghton Shiraz is an Australian wine of raspberry, plum and mulberry aroma, not to forget the perfect combination of chocolate and mint.

Banrock Station Chardonay is a fresh flavor of rich melon and peach fruit balanced by the subtlety of oak.

The Christmas wine hampers are beautifully packed together with toxic-free and freshly made Christmas cakes and biscuits. Check out what makes the Christmas wine hamper superbly elegant with added delights from toxic-free prepared treats.

Vixen Christmas Gift Box:

A super gift to remember is the Vixen Christmas gift box. Inside the cute box are quality food, and a plush champagne truffle with mouth watering treats.

Dasher Christmas Gift Box:

Just like the Vixen Christmas gift box, Dasher Christmas Gift box is also a combination of fine wines and quality food all packed with love in an attractive Christmas box.

Blitzen Christmas Gift Box:

Packed with your choice of red or white wine, chocolate chip cookies, mouth watering Christmas brandy mincemeat pies, cute Christmas bear or chocolate heart and more Bradfords quality Christmas delights enough to surprise the recipient no end.

Dancer Luxury Gift Box:

With an attractive bow, the Dancer Luxury Gift box is a terrific surprise of delightful treat of two fine wines, port and walnut pudding, sun dried tomato oatcakes, stag of either wild boar, stag or quail, black pepper oatcakes, chewy fudge brownies, assorted chocolate nuts and a lot more awesome treats.

Prancer Celebration Hamper

Your choice of red or white wine, Christmas pudding with Suffolk ale, coles port and walnut Christmas pudding, plum pudding with cider, lusty creamy stilton soup, crispy chocolate dipped macaroon fingers, English breakfast tea caddy, and many more quality food packed in an attractive very large, with leather straps, wicker hamper.

Cupid Champagne Celebration Hamper

Very ideal for large families, this superbly large champagne family hamper with more than enough food for everyone’s delight is packed with Louis Dornier champagne, your choice of red or white wine, Marc de champagne pudding, Whitakers mint collection, Walkers biscuits for cheese Rudolph chocolate fudge cake, Bradfords bramble jelly, mint crisps petticoat tails shortbread, and more superbly toxic-free prepared food in one large gift hamper with nice leather straps.

Rudolph's Extravagence Christmas Hamper

A family feast hamper with lots of super food and drinks completely packed and tied with nice leather straps.

The family feast hampers comes with lustrous Louis dornier champagne, your choice of red or white wine, Baily's Irish cream liqueur, Coles English privilege Christmas pudding, petty coat Tails Shortbread, Christmas Snowman Sponge Cake, English Breakfast Tea Caddy, chocolate Dipped Macaroon Fingers, Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Assorted Chocolate Nuts,, Black Pepper Oatcakes, Sun Dried Tomato Oatcakes and many more surprise food you will never fail to appreciate.

Grab your best choice of Christmas wine hampers and gift hampers to make your love one feel loved not only on Christmas time, but all year round. www.bradfordsbakers.com, an authority in the hamper world, helps you packed your best choice of Christmas wine hampers and Christmas hampers with love and care.


Choose Your Christmas Gift Hampers...

Christmas not only brings with it a lot of cheer and festivity. It is also the best time of the year when long lost friend come together and look back at the year gone by. An important part of celebrating Christmas is the tradition of giving Christmas gifts.

To those who want to give an instant unique gift that is not time consuming, consider giving Christmas Gift Hampers. There are many choices to pick. The following Christmas Gift Hampers are superbly made to perfection:

Santa's Delight Christmas Hampers

This Santa’s delight is being true to its name. It is packed with Iced Ginger Cake, Christmas Short crust Brandy, Mincemeat Pies, Hand Made Christmas Snowman Empire Biscuit, Santa Boot Novelty Filled With Pralines, and English Breakfast Tea, Santa’s delight Christmas hamper will never go amiss at Christmas time. Your love one will surely feel so special when he gets hold of this Christmas food gift hamper.

Donner Christmas Gift Box

The Granny Bradfords delicious spiced ginger cake, Strawberry Jam, breakfast marmalade Jam, Individual Brandy Pudding, New English Breakfast Tea, Vanilla Fudge, Bradfords Hand Made Champagne Truffles are enough to make your love one loved Christmas more.

Bradfords Just Food Mrs Bridges Gift Hamper

This is a perfect example of a quality hand crafted cakes with no artificial colorings or preservatives. The chocolate chip cookies and all butter shortbread made to perfection by expert chocolatiers coupled with an extravagant Belgian fondant complete the package.

Dows Port Gift Box

The wonderful port and stilton cheese gift with granny bradfords poachers pickle is very ideal for the jolly receiver.

French Wine Selection Case

This is perfect for wine lovers. It is beautifully presented with the Cotes Du Rhone from the Rhone Valley. Cotes Du Rhone -produced in the Rhone valley using Grenache and Syrah grapes, this wine is the ideal partner for all red meats and cheeses or for drinking on its own in the company of friends. La Campagne is a dry wine, clean and fragrant. Its good depth and a long finish makes it ideal on its own or with white meat and fish dishes.

Choose which suits your lifestyle and you’ll never go wrong with Christmas hampers.


How to Make your Parents Happy this Christmas and All-Year-Round!

Do you want to make your father and mother happy this Christmas and all year round? Don’t look further. The answer is in your hands. Not that they are asking for material things, which are the usual “things” to give this Christmas.

Look at the faces of your father and your mother: wrinkles galore. No, I’m not telling you to raise the magic wand and make them young again. You can’t do that, nobody can do that neither the magic gels and creams.

Warm Presence

Instead, give your father and mother your presence. Isn’t it so touching! Hmmm, you are a busy man. You have 1001 things to do and find it more important. Your parents understand it, but once in a while, find time to drop by and tell them you will have a grand escapade. Not the “grandest” though. A mere lunch out together.

You can talk anything under the sun while eating your “grand” lunch. Your father and your mother love to laugh-out-loud with you. Tell them your long forgotten jokes, your tales that only your parents understand. Anything that will make your father and mother proud of you, say it loud with a “bang”.

The same way your parents did to you when you were a tot. So tiny that your father could carry you in his arms while doing the rounds of picking your choice of toys, and yes, when you slept while watching movies.

You don’t have to “carry” your father and mother while doing the rounds of looking for the best restaurant. You just have to be yourself, act like you are still their baby. Let them feel they are very important in spite their age. Your parents miss you so much!

Reminiscing the Past

Just in case you forget those old photos when you were caught blowing candles on your birthdays, while in your scary Halloween costume, and when you were singing Christmas songs during your school Christmas parties.

Pictures speak louder than words and your parents consider it as precious as gold. Why not do another version with a touch of the modern era and give it to them as a surprise. No, don’t touch the original, just another version of the original. Your parents will love the idea that they can’t help but reminisce the past with matching tears of joy. Oh boy, your parents miss you so much!

Say the Magic Words with a Style

How time flies. And before your parents will be gone, make it a point to hug them and tell them the magic words, “I love you!”. The older your parents gets, the more they need those power hug coupled with the magic words.

This Christmas, your parents don’t need “things” to make them happy. Your parents need your presence, your hug, and those magic words. Don’t deny them these simple acts of appreciation. You can say the magic words with a style. Say it in a hamper. Yes, there are Christmas hampers with free hand written gift cards. Say “I Love You” with a style.

Oh No! Not Another Shirt on Christmas!

Confused on what to give this Christmas? A shirt is so common that you can almost hear your friends say, “Oh no, not another shirt on Christmas!” Of course, you can’t hear them say it, but action speaks louder than words. Why not give them a really unique Christmas present this year? It’s not really that hard.

You have to get an idea of what your friends, and loved ones usually do or their favorite activities. Men usually have that little boy attitude inside. More love to play computer games but often don’t get the chance. Why not give them an all-out free computer game voucher? For the girls, a unique doll as addition to their collection will make them grin. For your father and mother, a movie pass with a free dinner will do wonders. For your brothers and sisters, a unique Christmas hamper will save the day. Inside the Christmas hampers are their favorite something.

Christmas hampers are unique

Christmas gift hampers are so unique that you can say goodbye to worrying. The wide variety of designs makes you say it’s a perfect gift for all occasions to give your loved ones, friends and new acquaintances. You can even win the hearts of your unfriendly gals by simply giving them gift hampers. The thought of what’s inside the hamper excites them. You don’t want to spoil the day by giving them gift hampers that are not perfectly done. To avoid messing up the day, ensure that the gift hampers you give are perfectly done to perfection. It should be bought from reputable gift hamper makers and done only by expert confectioners in case of food hampers.

Read between the Lines

The best confectioners who are experts in making food hampers are working on their craft for years. You just have to simply read between the lines. The design matters too. What you see from the outside of the gift hampers should also reflect on what to expect inside. If you want to personalize your chosen gift hampers, you can pick your choice of items. Your dedication in your own handwriting completes the personal touch. So cool, isn’t it!

Thinking of giving a shirt on Christmas day? Oh no, “not another shirt, please…” Christmas hampers will show you the way to forget the shirt thing.


The Best Christmas Healthy Diet

Christmas is fast approaching. You cannot stop the “flooding” of wide variety of food on the dining table. But do you know that most of the food you usually prepare is filled with toxicity to the highest level?

The norm is to set up food that usually delights the family. Common Christmas foods are roasted pig, fried chicken, Christmas designed cheese, first class wine, chocolates, lusciously flavored deserts, and more. Did it ever come across your mind the health benefit of these foods? It’s a definite NO for an answer.

Which will you choose?

Will you go for foods that are only pleasing to the eye and the taste bud or will you go for foods that will not only give delights, but also give a twist of healthy stuff? Sure, you’ll go with the latter. If this is so, you must therefore understand that any indulgences in unhealthful practices will impair the physical vigor.

It has once been said that gluttony is a sin. Why? Because of the ever-increasing craving for rich food that has been indulged and become the manner to crowd all the delicacies possible in the stomach especially during the Christmas season.

Christmas party is a common event where the pleasure of the appetite is with a little restraint. Foods usually served consist of highly seasoned meats, with rich sauces, cakes, hard and soft drinks, etc…

It is very sad to note that with this food reality, the basic physical laws of life are not understood by many. It is very easy to have an ideal Christmas diet. All you have to do is get that strong will to succeed, starting from the food you are going to give your family at home. This is the only way you can help preserve health. If you are planning to give food as Christmas present, choose wisely. Choose the healthy one that is prepared by the best confectioners in the world: Christmas hampers where foods packed are prepared toxic-free.