How to Make your Parents Happy this Christmas and All-Year-Round!

Do you want to make your father and mother happy this Christmas and all year round? Don’t look further. The answer is in your hands. Not that they are asking for material things, which are the usual “things” to give this Christmas.

Look at the faces of your father and your mother: wrinkles galore. No, I’m not telling you to raise the magic wand and make them young again. You can’t do that, nobody can do that neither the magic gels and creams.

Warm Presence

Instead, give your father and mother your presence. Isn’t it so touching! Hmmm, you are a busy man. You have 1001 things to do and find it more important. Your parents understand it, but once in a while, find time to drop by and tell them you will have a grand escapade. Not the “grandest” though. A mere lunch out together.

You can talk anything under the sun while eating your “grand” lunch. Your father and your mother love to laugh-out-loud with you. Tell them your long forgotten jokes, your tales that only your parents understand. Anything that will make your father and mother proud of you, say it loud with a “bang”.

The same way your parents did to you when you were a tot. So tiny that your father could carry you in his arms while doing the rounds of picking your choice of toys, and yes, when you slept while watching movies.

You don’t have to “carry” your father and mother while doing the rounds of looking for the best restaurant. You just have to be yourself, act like you are still their baby. Let them feel they are very important in spite their age. Your parents miss you so much!

Reminiscing the Past

Just in case you forget those old photos when you were caught blowing candles on your birthdays, while in your scary Halloween costume, and when you were singing Christmas songs during your school Christmas parties.

Pictures speak louder than words and your parents consider it as precious as gold. Why not do another version with a touch of the modern era and give it to them as a surprise. No, don’t touch the original, just another version of the original. Your parents will love the idea that they can’t help but reminisce the past with matching tears of joy. Oh boy, your parents miss you so much!

Say the Magic Words with a Style

How time flies. And before your parents will be gone, make it a point to hug them and tell them the magic words, “I love you!”. The older your parents gets, the more they need those power hug coupled with the magic words.

This Christmas, your parents don’t need “things” to make them happy. Your parents need your presence, your hug, and those magic words. Don’t deny them these simple acts of appreciation. You can say the magic words with a style. Say it in a hamper. Yes, there are Christmas hampers with free hand written gift cards. Say “I Love You” with a style.

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