Personalized Photo: Fathers Day Gifts

Tired of giving the usual stuff for your father on father’s day? Here is an innovative fathers day gifts that will surely make him wear that smile of the century. Give him a personalized photo collection as fathers day presents. What makes it more dramatic is the fact that you do it yourself. Isn’t it great?

You can create your own design for the front cover. Here are some concepts to take into consideration:

1. Add your personal photo
Nothing is so precious than showing your love to your father by adding your own photo in his photo books. Just make sure your photo is wholesome. You don’t want your father’s ire. Do you?

2. Group Pictures
A family book or a group picture with your father at the center is a unique way of showing appreciation to your father. A family album in one picture frame creates a unique design enough for the keeps.

3. Digital Photos
This is the modern way of collecting photos with candid shots to be the best shots ever. Get a good angle and get a quick candid shot of your father. The fast result will surprise him no end.

4. Old Photos
No matter how better the shots of digital photos are, there is no substitute for the sentimental effect of old photos. Look inside your father’s stock of old photos. Design it with a twist and blend with the modern scene. He’ll surely love the idea of reminiscing the past.

5. Event Pictures
Get your old fathers day photos and add them to this year fathers day candid shots. Design it with a story to tell.


Be Careful with your Father's Day Gifts

An experience you don’t want to encounter: receiving gifts with odor. Complaints of this nature is not an everyday affair but if you buy gifts from unknown source, expect the unexpected.

For special events like fathers day, gifts that are offered at a very low price should ring a bell. Fathers day presents are sometimes offered at a very low price but most likely contain a not so friendly fact. Not all cheap items are worth the praise. As a matter of fact, you will certainly go through the experience of receiving gifts with odor if you will not check the store, its history and how they value health over wealth.

To solve the problem, you need to have an agreement as to what you want in your fathers day gifts. Such criteria should be set at all times. Odor can shutter not only the important event but also the person who will receive the gift—your dear father.

Waste Not, Pollute Not

Not an exclusive warning for air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution. This is also a warning to food enthusiasts. Never over-indulge and do not waste your hard earned money from food and other things that are not worthy. In terms of food, do not spend on toxic-prepared food. If you are celebrating important events like fathers day, remember not to spend on food that will harm not only your father but your family as well.

There are many food gifts offered in the market. Choosing the best and toxic-free takes time and courage. You don’t have to exert so much effort in picking out which suits your fathers taste. Just remember his favorite minus the toxicity. Fathers day gifts need not be expensive. It should be worthy of your fathers praise and price-friendly.

That’s all part of the old fashioned value of giving fathers day presents with a warning of waste not, pollute not.

So if you’re looking for an alternative method of treating your father this fathers day, remember not to pollute and waste—your environment with toxic food, waste your money, and your health with untried fathers day gifts.