Sweet Hampers - as Trick or Treat

hampers are ideal as trick or treatsHalloween is fast approaching and parties are everywhere. While you are enjoying the celebration, be aware of the dangers this festivity may cause you. Take note that Halloween party goers usually wear goblin, vampires, witch and other sweet and scary costumes. Influx of different food treats also completes the celebration. Do you know there are dangers here?

Sweets for Trick or Treat!

Trick or treat usually have candies, baked goodies to share. It’s but natural for sweet tooth to be the star of the event. Do yourself a favor by taking these tips into consideration:

1. Inspect candies before making them a part of your body system.

2. Eat much before doing Trick-or-treat. This way you won’t be tempted to eat the treats that you have collected.

3. Generic candies, or treats that don’t have labels or commercially been manufactured should not be consumed unless fully inspected.

4. Treats that post a threat of choking should properly be supervised by parents of very young children.

5. Check for any tampered products. When in doubt, throw it out.

For party lovers, consider the following tips:

1. Juice that has not been pasteurized should be avoided. There are warning labels if in case you are doubtful. Usually, frozen, refrigerated, in cans, bottle juice is pasteurized. Don’t be ashamed to ask if you are unsure of the juice drink you are about to buy.

2. Fruits form part of the festivity. Before feasting on them, reduce the amount of bacteria by rinsing them off under cool running water.

3. Do not in any way go near fire if you are wearing flammable costumes. Sad to say most costumes are flammable so better get off near fire.

4. Avoid wearing costumes that cover your face.

These tips may sound simple, but can pose danger when neglected. For food treats that are safe and healthy, get them at your favorite store. Bradfordsbakers.com has lots of trick and treats to offer. Their baked goodies are all natural, healthy and pack in elegant sweet hampers!


How To Handle Food And Perishable Gift Hampers

Part of the Christmas festivity is to attend to a number of gifts and foods that are shared by family and friends. Attending to this task is not a joke. This can be very challenging and improper care can sometimes lead to health risks.

To face this challenge, gifts that are considered perishable should first be attended to. These gifts are usually packed in well crafted food hampers to preserve the quality of the items inside.

If you are the food preparer, you have to strictly adhere to food safety prior to the festivity. Take note that safe food handling practices not only extend the quality of food, they can help save lives as well.

Follow these ten simple food hampers and food handling practices:

1. Right temperature for food should always be considered. Hot food should have their own place to preserve, same with cold foods. This way, the growth of bacteria is reduce, aroma, appearance and food texture is enhance.

2. Gifts that are marked “keep refrigerated” or “keep frozen” should arrive in good condition. Visible ice crystals, or still cold when touch should be checked. Do not consume them when already warm.

3. Use nutritious food all the time. Consume them while still fresh. If not, have them stored for long term using the right temperature and storage area. Once decay is found, discard the food immediately.

4. Don’t take chances for partially cooked food. They allow bacteria to quickly grow. Food bacteria is hard to eliminate no matter how you cook the food.

5. Running water is best to thaw perishable foods, like meat. If thawed in microwave, cooked them immediately.

6. Do not engage in family feuds. This often result to unsafe food preparation. Be ready to set a strict guideline for food handling practices. A simple discussion like keeping the hands clean, storing leftovers in their proper storage areas and everything that has something to do with food safety should be discussed.

7. Always wear appropriate clothing when hosting a community dinner. Remember that people who attend the dinner vary by age. For the elderly, you have to consider their weakening health. Same consideration for the very young diners. Use disposable plastic gloves and change them often.

8. The 'farm-to-the-table' approach is another good way to practice safe handling of food. The food preparer should know about this and apply the method with diligence.

9. Don't in any way use mishandled food. Throw them away. You don’t want to frequently call your doctor for appointment, would you? 'When in doubt, throw it out.'

10. Proper handling of food can save money. Remember, not millions but billions of dollars are spent in health care, but still food-borne illness continues to be a threat to health and safety.

Simple hand washing before preparing food is a good example of safe food handling. This process often results to your family and friends to be highly aware of the importance of safety food handling.

Planning to give food as gift? Visit your favorite gift hampers shop for safe and healthy prepared food hampers.


Be Not Afraid!

hampersIf you want to do something but easily give up without a fight, fear is within you. Fear is a wall: a wall that will stop you from pursuing your dreams. Little did you know that this wall is a doorway to bid fear goodbye.

Thank Fear Instead!

Giving up is fear itself. You have to take the first step to set your fear aside. You have to take a stand to use this fear in a more productive way.

Gifts and Fear

If you find buying gifts would be hard to do, fear stands in your way. Giving enough time to shop for gift items always results to self-fulfillment . If you are frequently in a hurry, you will end up buying things of no value to the recipient. Most often these gifts end up in other people’s hand or worst, in the lowly trash bin.

Do not be afraid of being rejected. No matter what happens, you have to learn to accept reality in order to make better choices.

Take note that feeling afraid has a purpose. Fear makes you courageous. Courageous in the sense that fear can lead you to safety.

Be careful with fear, though. You have to know how to control it. Once you are overwhelmed with it, you will end up spending your entire life feeling sorry.

Be not afraid! For gifts that will shoo your fears away…give gift hampers instead.


Gift Hampers : Great For People Who Already Have Everything in Life

There are times when buying gifts is hard to do, however there is no doubt that a well planned gift giving is definitely a satisfying act for you and for your recipient.

A Perfect Gift

The versatility factor is one issue to be considered. No matter how choosy your recipients are, once you give them gift hampers– there is no doubt that they will love it.

There are many gift hampers to choose from. Consider the healthy option in giving gifts. Don’t include any kind of alcohol. Though there are wine hampers that can tickle them pink, consider to give wine hampers that are manufactured by companies with strict compliance to health issues and whose vision is geared towards going green.

Another way to surprise your friends is to consider giving food hampers that are made from the finest selection of baked products. Inside the hampers are items they normally don’t buy. This is another surprise that you can be sure the recipients will not only enjoy but also make them ask for more.

For people who already have everything in life, you have to give them unique gift hampers or gourmet baskets. These hampers are considered luxuriously good.

Giving gift hampers do not restrict you from putting things you know the recipient will surely love. Though there are ready made gift hampers, personalizing your gift is an excellent way to show you care. Take note that gift hampers are made to easily adopt the personal choice of the recipient.