Forget the Guilty Feeling! Christmas is Here!

Do you have issues that alarm your conscience? As simple as the clutters of your personal items which you forget to keep tidy and your mother cleaned it up instead of you doing the tidying? Want to ease the pain your father felt when he accidentally fell after stepping on toys or personal items you left on the stairs (glad it was just a three steps stair)

Forget the guilt feeling, Christmas is just around the corner. There are many ways to ease the guilty feeling. Giving gift to the person whom you offended is just one best move. But the most important guilt clearing is to act on all issues with sincerity and promptness.

Don’t wait for your mother to notice your clutter. Make it a habit to clean every minute of the day. At the first sign of dirt, go to the “rescue” of cleaning it up without any assistance from your house helpers. You do not only earn the praise of your parents and helpers but you also learn the importance of keeping everything in order and not to wait for other people to do the cleaning for you.

Do what you think is best not only for yourself but more on the other people. Remember, respect is earned and not force to be enforced. Simple things give huge impact if you practice goodness in the four corners of your home.

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