Giving Healthy Gifts

I’ve never been a giver of healthy gifts. I used to give gift but never thought of the value of the gift. And truth to tell, I didn’t even go all out to look for gift that will somehow become a memorabilia. I give because I enjoyed giving and sometimes just some sort of a brag.

One day, I read about the importance of health. The aches and pains I experienced somehow opened my eyes to the reality that health is really wealth. I had to stop eating unhealthy foods. Processed foods top the list of must-NOT-have.
So how is the health issue related to gift giving?

If I am concerned with my health, I have to share this concern with my love ones. There is a need to inform them the importance of stopping the habit of eating processed food and snacks.

The information to be healthy is best shown by example. I have to give them healthy gifts with health information inside the box. This is one way to show them I care.

For gifts that are healthy, personalized gift hampers and food hampers top my list.


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  2. Thanks for sharing some more ideas on hampers