Do You Demand for Gifts?

It is a fact that family and friends expect too much on gifts to the point of becoming unreasonable. Sad stories are common about people who end up poor because of spending too much on buying costly gifts to give to their brothers, sisters, friends and relatives.

Everyone expects a gift:

It is so common when somebody returns home from vacation, everyone expects to receive a gift. This situation is a clear picture of unreasonable gift demand as a negative trait. Saying NO may save you from hurting your pocket. If you do not know how to say NO, your aspiration in life is far-fetched. Sometimes, you are so afraid to commit mistakes to the extent of going all the way. You should not set your eyes on the negative side of saying No. You should learn that experiencing failure is a part of teaching your loved ones.


The habit of demanding a gift often leads to indolence and sheer laziness. If you tend to ask for a gift, you have a tendency to take for granted the value of patience. Like when you are in a crisis, you tend to wait for someone, something, somewhere, to help you out. You have to prepare yourself not to wait for a gift of help. You have to act on your own.

Impulse buying:

If you are one of those who are addicted to “malling”, you will always end up buying more than what you need or what you will give. The malls are great in persuading people to buy their sales and promotions. If you do not have a ready list of what to give, you will end up buying what fancies your eyes.

You seem to be drawn to the idea that you can save money by buying discounted products even though they have no real value to give as gifts. If you buy on impulse, the items you will buy often ends up inside your chimney, garage or inside your closet where insects party for life!

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