Practical Christmas ligts Installation Tips

It is a fact that fire hits at the most unexpected places; unless otherwise arson is the reason. Christmas season is here to stay and who wants to spend his Christmas on the streets because fire hits his home?

Statistic shows that most fire starts because of faulty electrical wiring. As common as it may seem, the following safety tips may somehow save your life, your house and your loved ones:

1. Check for any sign of damage if you are using old Christmas lights.
2. Safe globes are fitted properly. Never use lights with missing globes.
3. Carefully read and follow the safety and installation instruction manual.
4. Do not put Christmas lights near any inflammable materials like cotton sofas, curtains and the like.
5. Do not overcrowd power points and keep from children’s reach.
6. Do not put the Christmas lights near flammable decoration especially if you leave the lights on for a long time.
7. Internal Christmas lights are for internal use. External Christmas lights are for external use. Do not interchange and do not experiment.
8. Climb stairs safely by wearing a non-slip footwear when you are installing the lights on the roof and other hard to reach areas.
9. Octopus connection is a big No. Extension cords should be placed in low traffic areas.
10. Before plugging, switch off the power and do not hold the cord but the plug.
11. Better to have a safety switch in your meter box or request a qualified electrical to install one
Follow these simple tips to enjoy Christmas and save lives and homes.

Safety not only saves life. In giving food, safety should also be at the forefront. If you are planning to give food as gift, toxin-free food hampers and Christmas hampers are sure winners.

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