The Best Things in Life are Free!

Something special for fathers day? Come fathers day give that something special to your dear dad. Let him know how much you love him and that his hard work has not gone with the wind. But what do you think is that special fathers day gifts? A card, a notepad, a pricey pen? Perhaps a movie pass?

Nyahhh, your father don’t deserve such things. Research his likes, but do it without him noticing. Try to figure out what makes him happy everyday. Your love is surely enough and is much appreciated, but your love can be shown in things, which makes your father wear his best smile all year round. A gift of this sort is not necessarily pricey. It most likely is free of charge. Remember, the best things in life are free.

Here are some few of those freebies as fathers day gifts:

Give your father a day off. Let him rest while you do his usual chores. Of course, only work on those chores that you can do like gardening, mowing, etc…

• If you love watching cartoons and you are the “boss” in TV watching, give him the privilege to control the TV remote. Let him watch his favorite shows during your TV time. Keep yourself busy doing other things instead.

• Ask your dad to play his favorite computer games. The family that plays together, stays together.

• Give your dad your list of your appreciation. Jot it down and read it loud enough for others to hear your appreciation.

Every year, take time to create a very special fathers day gifts. Be creative every year.

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