Fathers Day: Is it worth the Celebration?

Mothers day is set purposely to all the Mothers. Now, the fathers want to have their own day to celebrate fatherhood too. Is this still worth celebrating? Both yes and no. Yes, because fathers deserve the same respect as mothers have. Yes, because most of the fathers are sentimental and want to be remembered even for just a day. Yes, because a father is the male parent of an offspring. Yes, because fathers holds an important role in the family.

And since no one father is perfect, you can’t blame those who finds it disgusting to celebrate fathers day. No, because some fathers deserve not to be respected. This is true to those who experienced battering, disrespect and selfishness. But despite all the flaws, the imperfections, the bad habits, fathers still deserve to be respected even just in silence.

Don’t forget to give him your love, and respect. You want to surprise him but don’t know how? There are many fathers day presents to choose from. Give him something worthwhile like fathers day gifts basket. Choose that which your father loves the most. Not knowing what it is is not an excuse.

Happy fathers day!

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